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What is exfoliation and why is it important?  Exfoliation is literally the act of doing a little “damage” to your skin to wake it up and call in the repair team to heal it.  It removes the dull, and dead skin that lingers on the uppermost layer of our skin.  When we have a buildup of these cells on the surface, our skin is dull, uneven, and lacking a healthy glow.  Consider this:  When we are born our skin is creamy, glowing and ultra smooth.  There are no pores to see, just flawless skin.  Our skin rejuvenates itself weekly when we are children.  Otherwise, you would still be seeing that icky scar from when you were 3 and fell off your scooter toy!  As we get a little older, say 10 years old, it takes our skin 2 weeks or so to renew.  Speed on up to age 30 now.  It can take up to 60 days for the bottom layer of new skin cells to reach the top!  This is why we want to speed it up a bit more to get glowing skin faster than the 60 days.  Any time that your skin is damaged, the skin cells underneath are called into formation to begin what they do best—repair.  Some folks think that if they exfoliate every day it is better—but that is not so.  You definitely do not want to over-do it with the exfoliation.  Once a week is more than enough.  You can use baking soda added to your normal cleanser for a great, gentle exfoliation.  And not to mention it is a lot cheaper than some of the brands you could buy!  Also, you want to use the smallest grain possible, apricot seed is just too big.  It will actually do more harm than good, it scratches the skin too much, and causes more oil to come to the surface.  So stay clear from that type of product.  You can try to do it from home using everyday products for the same effect, such as the baking soda, or even  brown sugar.  Try to be creative!  Its not that hard.  There are also professional peels to consider in this process of exfoliation.  You really have to be careful when doing this at home, because there are many things to consider when doing a peel.  Such as, the type of skin you have, your allergies, and tolerance.  The smaller the molecule, the deeper the peels effectiveness.  If the skin is very acneic, for example, very prone to breakouts and blackheads, you want to use something with a very small molecule to get deep into the pore to clean out all the “gunk”.  The smallest molecule in peels is the “Salicylic” type of formula.  A lot of the peels available for acneic skin on the market contain Salicylic Acid. It is derived from a form of Aspirin, and has antimicrobial features.  It has the ability to clean the inside of the pore, as well as the outside. 

The “glycolic” peel (mainly derived from plant sources) in some ways is the most popular, because it can really be effective for just about any skin type, minus the sensitive skin category. 

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